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Arrack is a distilled alcoholic drink typically produced in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers or sugarcane, and also with grain (e.g. red rice) or fruit depending upon the country of origin. It is sometimes spelled arak, or simply referred to as ‘rack or ‘rak. It is not to be confused with the anise-flavored distilled spirit called Arak or Araq.

There are two primary styles of Arrack that are very different from one another: Batavia Arrack is often clear in color but has a flavor profile more similar to dark rum, with a distinctive “funk” or “hogo” imparted to it from fermented red rice. Ceylon Arrack, by contrast, is a more refined and subtle spirit. It has hints of Cognac and rum character and a wealth of delicate floral notes. Both styles are also made “in house” by local citizenry and can be more akin to moonshine in their presentation.

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