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Release Notes

Environmental Enhancement Project - EEP

Welcome to the Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) EEP is a major enhancement to the legacy Windlight environments, introducing new inventory object for defining the environmental settings.


Where Can I See EEP

EEP is now available on all regions.

Importing my old settings

You can import your old Windlight settings into EEP.

  1. Open an environment editor (Daycycle, Sky, or Water)
  2. Select the Import button - This will open a file picker dialog
  3. Navigate to where you have stored your Windlight XML files and select the file you would like to import - This is usually SecondLifeViewer/app_settings/windlight/

You should import Windlights of the same type as the editor you have open (Daycycle, Sky, or Water) Windlight XML files are very sensitive to the directory structure. Files should be laid out as follows:


Where To Find Out More

For more information about EEP, check out the wiki pages.

Have questions or want to show off what you’ve created? Join us on the forums.

Resolved Issues