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Release Notes

BugSplat viewer

Update changes

This viewer introduces a revised updater, replacing the current Viewer Manager Process (VMP). Instead of running the VMP before every viewer session, we now run the updater as a child process of the viewer. Viewer notifications are used to alert the user to a pending update.

This viewer starts more quickly than with the VMP. It displays only one Taskbar or Dock viewer icon. Pinning that icon should behave exactly as expected, going forward.

Pinned icons for the Viewer Launcher and VMP-driven viewer may need to be deleted and recreated.

We still run the updater before first launching a newly-installed Windows viewer, to address the potential problem of installing a 64-bit viewer on a Windows system that does not support it. Similarly, if you install a 32-bit viewer on a Windows system that can support the 64-bit viewer, it retrieves the 64-bit viewer instead.


If this viewer crashes, the crash report is sent to BugSplat rather than to Linden’s internal crash reporting system.

(Third party developers: the existing Breakpad crash-reporting code is still present in the code base. BugSplat integration is enabled by a CMake variable.)

Resolved Issues