Alternate Viewers

What is an alternate viewer?

The primary viewer for Second Life is the official Second Life Viewer, available on the main Second Life Downloads page.

The viewers below provide early access to fixes and newer features, but may also entail some additional risk of new bugs; we appreciate your help with our efforts to improve Second Life by using them and reporting any problems you find.

Warning: These viewers are not appropriate for installation on systems whose normal users do not have the privileges required to install updates. These viewers are made available early to test them prior to general release. Therefore it's important that we be able to fix any problems with them quickly and get data on only the latest set of changes. For that reason, any update to these viewers is mandatory.

Release Candidates

Release Candidate viewers are being evaluated to be the next default download; all are believed to be stable.

Third-Party Viewers

Many Second Life developers, outside of Linden Lab, offer customized Second Life viewers. Please note that Linden Lab does not support third-party viewers.

See the Third Party Viewer Directory for a listing of third-party viewers created by developers who have certified that they comply with the Policy on Third Party Viewers.

Detailed information about many viewers in the Third Party Viewer Directory may be found in the Resident-maintained Downloads wiki article.