Viewer Support Policy

Our normal policy is to support the two newest Second Life Viewer versions, and any version that is less than 3 months old. There may be exceptions due to some particularly important feature or bug that will cause us to disallow a recent viewer.

Deprecation Policy

Viewer versions that are not supported per the policy above are deprecated. Those viewer versions are allowed to log in, but if you are having any problems, Support may require you to try a supported viewer before investigating your problem further.

Mandatory Updates

From time to time some older viewer versions are blocked; logging in using them is no longer allowed. Normally a blocked viewer automatically offers to upgrade itself to the most recent supported viewer, but in some cases the user may need to download a new viewer.

Note: In the course of our release process, newer viewers are made available prior to being promoted to being the most recent viewer release; these are called Release Candidate, Beta, and Project Viewers; using these is optional, but they enable new features and make new fixes available. For these pre-release viewers, only the most recent version is allowed; any update to these versions is a mandatory (and normally automatic) update. Note: because these have mandatory updates, these viewers are not appropriate for installations where the user running the viewer does not have admin access to the system.