The canonical viewer source is in the viewer-release repository; the tags of the form major.minor.patch-release indicate the revisions used to build the default viewer at that release number.

This page documents each viewer currently being made available by Linden Lab (including the default viewer), with information on which repository and changeset was used to build each.

For links to download these viewers, see the official Alternate Viewers page.


This is the default viewer provided by the downloads page.
Name Version Repository Changeset Public Access
NameDefault Version6.2.3.527758 Repository viewer-release Changesetab2ec5c5423b Public Accesstrue

Release Candidates

The other cohorts are candidates being evaluated to be the next default; all are believed to be stable.
Name Version Repository Changeset Public Access
NameBakesOnMesh Version6.3.0.529185 Repository viewer-release-baking-updates Changesetb69df678ff3c Public Accesstrue
NameEEP Version6.4.0.529247 Repository viewer-eep Changeset688241954310 Public Accesstrue
NameLove Me Render Version6.2.4.529638 Repository viewer-cougar Changeset67297f990285 Public Accesstrue
NameMaintenance Version6.2.4.529755 Repository viewer-lynx Changesetad78db601434 Public Accesstrue

Project Channels

These are early experimental viewers; they may not yet be even beta quality - use at your own risk.
Name Version Repository Changeset Public Access
NameSecond Life Project 360 Snapshot Version6.2.4.529111 Repository viewer-web360 Changeset56b0d1cc0fd5 Public Accesstrue
NameSecond Life Project Legacy Profiles Version6.2.3.527749 Repository 483-legacy_profiles Changeset4c6ec630b542 Public Accesstrue